Now your plan gives you even more

With our Simple Choice plan, you can call and text to and from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada as much as you want, and use your 4G LTE data just like you do at home.

Plus, you still get these great features:

Already a customer? Add Mexico and Canada to your plan by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile phone or 1-800-357-1126.
Capable device req'd for LTE and Wi-Fi Calling. Price Guarantee: Pricing available while you remain a customer. Unlimited high-speed data option pricing guaranteed for 2 years of activation. Excludes taxes, fees, & other (e.g., pay-per use) charges

Great rates, no haggling required.

With guaranteed pricing, no annual service contract and no haggling, you can get 10 lines for just $160 per month with Canada and Mexico included at no extra charge.
Need more lines? No problem! Use the Plan Estimator tool below to estimate your cost. Plus, you can add calls to Mexico and Canada for $1/line for 11+ lines.

Here's a rundown:

Stock up on your high-speed data.

All Simple Choice lines already include 1GB of high-speed data. Want more 4G LTE data? No problem. You can add more to the lines you’ll frequently use for things like streaming, downloading and sending large files. 
Add 2GB:
$10 per mo/line
phones, tablets or hotspots

Get Unlimited high-speed data:
$30 per mo/line

Add data to a tablet or hotspot line:
$10 per GB per mo/line (incl 1GB 4G LTE data)
Add 2GB for $10/mo/line

Got 20 or more lines? Get a shared 4G LTE data plan.

Ready to simplify your plan? A shared data plan is an alternative to the Simple Choice plan.  It lets you share 4G LTE data across all devices* so you can spend less time keeping track of data and more time getting work done. 
100GB Minimum
Starting at $475/mo
500GB Minimum
Starting at $2250/mo
1TB Minimum
Starting at $4250/mo

Curious how much you’ll spend per month? Let us do the math for you.

Just enter how many lines you want and how much data you need, then we'll estimate your monthly cost. Simple as that.

Data Stash: Don’t lose what you don’t use.

For customers with 3GB or 5GB data options, your unused 4G LTE data rolls forward into the next month.  Plus, you get up to 10GB of 4G LTE data to use first - all at no extra charge. 

Switch without a hitch

Stuck with your current carrier? Only T-Mobile can set your business free. We’ll pay off the money your business owes on your phones when you trade it in.  Stuck in a contract? We’ve got that covered, too. So why wait? Break free today.

Let’s talk.

Ready to get started? There are three easy ways to sign up for the Simple Choice Plan.

Contact a rep

Leave a request for a representative to get in touch with you.

Call us

Give us a ring at 1-800-T-MOBILE.

Find a Store

Come visit us and we’ll help you get started in person.


Pricing for up to 10 lines hasn’t changed—it's still super easy. You get 10 lines of unlimited talk, text and data with up to1GB of high-speed data per line for only $160/month. The first line is $50, the second line is $30, and lines 3–10 are only $10 per line.  

For customers with more than 10 lines, there is an increased discount. After the first 10 lines, you can add lines 11–20 with the same features (unlimited talk and text, and 1GB high-speed data) at $16 per line, and lines 20+ are only $15 per line. Extra high speed data beyond the 1GB per line is additional. 

The days of haggling are over. Now you get simple, clear pricing—guaranteed. As a T-Mobile® customer, you can lock into a price you can count on, with a rate that will not go up as long as you remain a T-Mobile customer, so you can stay focused on your business. 

At T-Mobile there are no overage fees. Once you've used your plan's high-speed data allotment, your data speed will automatically convert to up to 2G data speeds for the remainder of your billing cycle. You’ll be back to your normal high data speeds at the start of your next billing cycle.

No, rate plan pricing is locked as long as you are a T-Mobile business customer.  And the price for a plan with an unlimited 4G LTE is locked in for 2 years.  

Businesses with 20 lines or more can buy pooled data. There’s no maximum line limit.  

We've heard our customers with 20+ lines request pooled data as an effective way to manage their business data. So we’re offering it in the Un-carrier™ way: we lock in your shared data plan rate. If you need more, you simply pay the same rate for additional data.

A text alert is sent to notify you that your account is approaching its data limit. You will also automatically purchase additional data at a prorated price once your initial data allocations have been exhausted. Example: a 100GB plan for $475 is prorated to a price of $4.75 per additional GB.  

When you've used up your pooled data amount, an additional 1GB of data is added to the pool at the same rate. Data speeds will not be slowed.  

You can increase or decrease your total pooled data bucket amount from month to month to one of three options: 100GB, 500GB, or 1TB.  However, if you want to manage your pooled data at the individual line level, we recommend individual data plans for each employee. 

It does not apply to shared data pools.

At this time, we are developing an entire set of pooled plans that include tablets.

Currently details include: 

•    Customer must have 20+ lines and have a pooled line of at least 100GB
•    If a customer with a 100GB pooled plan adds a tablet, the tablet will get the same amount of pooled data (100GB) as the original data plan
•    As additional tablets or devices are added, they would use data from the new tablet data pool

We lock in your Simple Choice for Business service plan price so you can count on paying the same rate for as long as you are a T-Mobile customer. And the 4G LTE unlimited data option price is locked for as long as you're a customer. You also have the freedom to add lines, remove lines, change your plan, or leave whenever you like.   We guarantee the price on your Simple Choice for Business service plan for as long as you’re a customer, and the 4G LTE unlimited data option price is locked—so you never have to worry about your price going up. However, you can change your plan or leave whenever you choose.

Video and other high-bandwidth data usage applications have exploded in the past several years. Without a crystal ball, it’s impossible to predict just how much higher use we’ll see.  

Video and other high-bandwidth data usage applications have exploded in the past several years. Without a crystal ball, it’s impossible to predict just how much higher use we’ll see.  

You can leave T-Mobile at any time. And although we don't have annual service contracts, you are responsible for the full price of your device if you have an EIP contract.